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Top 5 Anime you should watch in 2022

Are you really bored and are looking for some good shows or movies to watch? Then, you have come to the right place! Anime is undoubtedly a great way to not only kill time but also uplift your mood by keeping you hooked. So, here is a list of the top 5 anime that you should not miss out on at any cost!

1. Ranking of Kings

This anime series revolves around a little prince who is deaf, named Bojji and his incredible journey. The story reveals by presenting Bojji as someone who is extremely skilled at defensive approaches instead of being able to hurt the opponent. Therefore, the general public doubts his ability to efficiently take charge of the ultimate succession. Following the death of King Bosse, instead of Bojji, his younger brother Daida becomes the next successor. This incident sends Bojji on a mission to acquire experience and become stronger, but while he’s gone, a supernatural force takes control of the kingdom. Kage is a creature that appears to be an evil black puddle but becomes Bojji’s most dependable ally and eventually grows to love him. So, who would not like to follow Bojji on his great quest?

2. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Displaying grief & loss, racism & ethics, battles & wars in the most subtle yet unique ways, Brotherhood is a must-watch! With nicely folded storylines leading into one another & contribute to a larger global narrative on chosen concepts, the anime show is perfectly paced. The Elric brothers, Ed and Alphonse, two alchemists supported by the autocratic Amestris military, are at the heart of the show’s emotional core. But it’s not your typical military drama, as Ed and Alphonse quickly discover how far Amestris’ tyranny goes. The two brothers then seek the Philosopher’s Stone in order to resurrect their bodies, which were destroyed when they attempted to resurrect their deceased mother using their alchemy skills. You will love how the story then unfolds!

3. Mob Psycho 100

The following Manga series is a kaleidoscopic blend of various phenomena and tropes. For his lack of presence, Shigeo Mob is a typical middle-schooler guy, but he is an undeniably gifted psychic. The story revolves around Mob & his unscrupulous mentor Reigen as they solve paranormal issues in Seasoning City. Mob’s determination to live every day to the fullest is contagious, and by the end, he’s got a following. You really can’t miss out on this one!

4. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jojo becomes embroiled in a war with his stepbrother, Dio Brando, who is determined to seize control of the Joestar fortune. Dio accomplishes this by harnessing the power of an ancient stone mask, which allows him to transform into a powerful vampire. The hybrid anime series incorporates elements from several genres, including supernatural, comedy, adventure, action, and fiction. Due to such diversifications, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure will take you on an amazing ride!

5. Mononoke

Last but not the least, Mononoke has an unforgettable animation design. Mononoke is a form of yokai (a range of creatures in Japanese mythology varying from spirits to demons) that prey on humans’ negative thoughts. The series depicts a psychedelic nightmare with great success in its sentimental pursuits. The Mononoke are ready and willing to dive deeper into the tough thematic territory, making them an excellent set piece for the pulse-pounding gothic thriller. The core of Mononoke is noticeably human for a show which is all about spirits. This is what makes the entire story, even more, exciting and interesting! Add this one to your list and enjoy!

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