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Top 5 Anime to watch on Netflix

Surfing Netflix is our favorite thing to do, no? But, putting on something to watch is the real task especially when you have so many various options available in front of you with just one click and your mind tricking you into believing that each is better than the other. During those most chaotic moments when your mind is trying really hard to play with you, Anime is the best option to soothe it with. So, we are here to present you with five all-time most popular and favorite hits of anime.


We all have come across this one name at least once in our lifetime. So, what is all this craze about Naruto that has taken over the Internet? You will get to know about it within the first few episodes. The following series revolves around the main character named Naruto Uzumaki who is a boisterous, hyperactive adolescent ninja. Throughout the series, he is on a quest for acceptance and acknowledgement, as well as to become Hokage, the village’s acknowledged leader and strongest ninja. You really can not afford to miss out on the epic adventures of this spectacular ninja!

Dragon Ball Z

In every single pragmatic way, Dragon Ball cemented Akira Toriyama’s place as one of anime’s finest founders. This most viewed anime show on Netflix definitely takes the 90s kids on a long nostalgic ride! The story displays how the Saiyan warrior Goku tries to defend the planet Earth from interplanetary enemies with the aid of the powerful Dragonballs and by leading a team of combatants. This Japanese anime tv series divulges Goku as the sole powerful fighter on Earth and is not afraid to stand as a wall between the darkest faces of villains and humanity, hence keeping you hooked all along the line.

Death Note

This suspenseful and mystery anime, blended with a slight touch of horror, has undoubtedly received high praise from people all over the world, including both domestic and foreign anime fans. Falling under the list of the most popular anime around the globe, its well-developed plot presents Light Yagami as the protagonist. The story line is centered around the Death Note found by Light Yagami. The Death Note is a notebook which causes an individual’s death is his/her name is written on that notebook. After the discovery of Death Note, Light Yagami, a smart high school student, embarks on a hidden mission to rid the world of criminals.

Baki Hanma

This popular new animation series, originally released in 2021, is a must watch on Netflix. The lead character of the story, Baki Hanma, trains himself intensely at the age of thirteen to become stronger than his father and to eventually defeat him. His father is Yujiro Hanma who is the world’s toughest fighter. On his quest to attain enough skills and training to defeat his father, Baki arrives at the Arizona State Prison to take on Mr. Unchained, a blatant detainee. So, are you ready to put on this action thriller?


This incredibly famous Japanese manga series of the year 2022 will leave you in awe! The suspenseful storyline of SPYXFAMILY follows the spectacular spy named Twilight. Twilight is a pro at whatever he does, especially when it comes down to going incognito on secret missions for the betterment and for maintaining peace of this world. However, when he is given the utmost insurmountable challenge to get married and have a child—the master feels like he cannot get out of this difficult situation! Twilight, who does not rely on others to solve his matters, will easily penetrate an elite school in order to get near to a strong politician by pretending to be family man. But what he is not aware of is that his wife is a fatal murderer and his adopted daughter a telepath!

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