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Top 10 Action Anime of all time

Anime with all its genres & unique animation is really our all time favorite, no? However, everyone has a special inclination towards one specific genre. The most popular kind of anime continues to remain action anime, which we will be going over in depth in the following article. Throughout the years, Action Anime continues to remain the most popular type of anime, which we’ll go over in depth in this article. With their distinct illustration aesthetics, action anime can not be overlooked at any cost. In the field of entertainment, action anime has carved out its own distinct niche. So, here we present to you 10 amazing action anime that you will absolutely love watching.

Ranking of Kings

This Japanese fantasy anime, with a unique blend of action, revolves around young Prince Bojji who is deaf as well as dumb, and his quest of becoming strong warrior to prove he is capable of taking the throne after his father’s death. With its catchy music and sound effects & action sequences that are flashy, this Japanese manga series is a must watch!

Assassination Classroom

Premiered in 2015, this action anime series will keep you hooked for hours with its extraordinary storyline and sound effects. Following the everyday life of an enormously potent squid being who works as a middle school classroom teacher. What follows ahead is his Class 3E students are truly committed to assassinating him in order to save Earth from destruction.

Mushoku Tensei

How can we talk about the top action anime of the past few years without mentioning Moshoku Tensei, which has long been considered the pioneer of the whole slew of Middle Ages Isakai that has oversaturated the genre. Bringing forth a character who would work for redemption & strength, Moshoku Tensei has a case for being one of the shows 2020 will be remembered for years to come!


There is no denying what Deca-Dence brings to the table with the spectacular moves and actions of Natsume who is under the observation of Kaburagi who is willing to train her to fight in the city of Deca-Dence. Natssume & her training is a sight to behold!

chivalry of a failed knight

Bringing us a visually stunning art, a thrilling story of adventure and growth through challenges that Ikki Kurogane faces at every step of his journey to prove the rest that he can accomplish anything. Not only the novel, but also its anime series have both done justice to the amazing storyline.

Rurouni Kenshin

A big name in the great world of anime is Rurouni Kenshin. By showing the mesmerizing cities of Tokyo & Japan and Ishin Shishi’s journey from Japan to Tokyo, this anime series is a must watch for fans who are into action thriller.

Gurren Lagann

The hype for this Japanese mecha anime series is already there! Residing in an underground village, the plot revolves around Simon & Kamina who desire to travel to the surface. Head over to the complete series to find out how the two boys travelled to the surface to fight against the forces of King Lordgenome.

Black Lagoon

It is no doubt that Black Lagoon is one of the most thrilling action series in Japanese manga collection. The plot reveals Lagoon Company which constitutes a team of mercenaries. The operations base being situated in Thailand, the company smuggles goods through the seas. Watch how the team executes missions & handles battles and firefights.

Princess Mononoke

It’s been a while we have seen this much love been given to adapting a series. The unity that animals, humans, and gods have enjoyed for long, starts to fall apart in the fourteenth century. Afflicted by an animal attack, the lead character, young Ashitaka, seeks an antidote from the deer-like God Shishigami. During his quest, he notices humans destroying the earth which incurs the rage ofn Princess Mononoke & Moro, the wolf god.

Yona of the Dawn

A recent addition to the spectacular lists of action anime is Yona of the Dawn who is centered around Princess Yona and how she embarks on a journey to save her country. When the man she truly loves murders her father, Princess Yona manages to escape the palace and starts a new life. You cannot afford to miss out on this inspirational and empowering journey of Princess Yona!

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