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5 Best Psychological Thriller Anime

From Future Diary to Classroom of the Elite, the following article comprises of some of the best five psychological thriller anime series & movies of all time. These intense battles of the minds will keep you hooked all along, especially with their brain-bending plots and storylines. These iconic anime shows & series can hit hard emotionally, meanwhile providing all the necessary dose of thrill and suspense. Your brain definitely deserves a workout as well so let’s get started on this rollercoaster ride!

Future Diary

Starting off with this brilliantly scripted Japanese manga series, Future Diary is a perfect blend of mystery and psychological thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat at all times. The story revolves around a teenage 14 year old guy ‘Yukiteru Amano’ who operates in a competitive environment where has to fight against people from all around the globe for the high possibility to be God’s predecessor, armed with a diary that can predict the future. The socially awkward young boy that Yukiteru is, such an amazing main character who has eventually garnered plenty of attention from various anime lovers. There is no doubt why Future Diary has gained so much recognition from the list of psychological thriller anime.

The Promised Neverland

Moving on to another spectacular hit in the field of anime series & movies, specifically psychological thriller, is The Promised Neverland is a popular name. In contrast to many other anime series, the protagonists of this storyline are children who are just as cute as you could imagine. However, the story takes a dark turn shortly after those orphan kids discover that they have been brought up by their caretaker ‘Mama’ as livestock for demons who are flesh-eating creatures. You will absolutely love how those little ones devise plans to flee and protect the other kids as well from their devious Mama.

Alice in Borderland

Just as amazing as the name sounds, the following manga series is full of suspense and supernatural horror. An ambitionless high school student named Arisu finds his current life boring & dull and thus, wishes to escape reality. Similarly, his other two friends Karube & Chota want to exist in another exciting world as well and their wish is granted one night during firework celebrations. Transported to the Borderland, they figure out that this world is nothing but a game where they have to complete tasks in order to survive. What happens next? Check out this exciting anime series to find out more!

Terror in Resonance

Portraying the propagation of pure chaos & fear, this Japanese tv series commences with a terrorist attack on Japan’s nuclear facility. The only way to know the perpetrator’s identity is a peculiar video on the Internet which is posted six months after the attack. The video reveals two young boys forming ‘Sphinx’, a covert element established to end the world. Amidst the widespread panic & chaos, how will the authorities save Tokyo from further devastation?

B: The Beginning

Are you a huge lover of crime thrillers and really can’t get the idea out of your head of who exactly did what? Then, you have come to the right place. B: The Beginning is one perfect example of such anime series which constitutes science fiction, psychological thriller and as well as action. This all-in-one anime series revolves around a mystery man ‘Killer B’ who causes havoc in the streets of Cremona. The RIS assigns skilled investigating officer Keith Flick to the case in order to apprehend the threatening murderer, but as Keith dives deep into the puzzle, other terrorist acts and corruption plots began to pop up!

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