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3 Best Anime Verses Ranked

1. The Pokemon World

For a shonen anime, the Pokémon world verse is very vast and complex. It encompasses creatures with magnificent powers, and human kids have the freedom to roam around with the said creatures and travel around the globe to become great trainers, breeders of Pokémon, or caretakers. Like every story, Pokémon too has antagonists looking to enslave Pokémon for their own personal gains.

The theory of evolution is what makes Pokémon a complex anime. These fascinating creatures can go from tiny versions of themselves to massive beasts and upgrade their powers significantly. What complicates it further is the inclusion of cosmic legends such as Arceus: who created the Pokémon Multiverse, Giratina: the Multiverse anti-matter manipulator, Dialga, and Palka: controllers of time and space, Kyogre: expander of the sea, Rayquaza: who ends the inter-specie conflict, along with many more powerful controllers of the universe.

Despite being a power show, the value of cooperation and mutual trust is integrated within the story, which makes it easy to relate to for people of all ages.

2. Dragon Ball

The world being destroyed and life being brought to a brink of extinction, with gods exploding planets and aliens co-existing, brings us to the world of Dragon Ball.

It can be hard to comprehend, but this universe is rather complex. People can teleport, fly, blow worlds up, shoot energy from their hands. Dragon Balls have the power to summon a dragon to use on a wish which is normally used for reviving the dead.

The series comprises Gods of Destruction and Angels. Volume 1 of the series includes Wall level to Small Country level+ feats, along with an outlying moon-busting feat. Volume 2, on the other hand, made low-level moon-busting with the following arcs hitting smaller Star levels by the Frieza saga. In Volume 3, characters reach Universe level almost from the very beginning. This allows them to have feats that nearly destroy the universe. This volume also introduces more characters and forms that increase the level of strength significantly. In the final arc, the characters reach Universe level+ power which allows them to surpass time and exceed the strength of the previous arc’s antagonists. All of these upgrades and an exponential increase in powers from arc to arc, volume to volume makes this anime a treat to watch for the audience and keeps their attention undivided.

3. Narutoverse

Almost similar to the rest of the Holy shounen trinity, Naruto too started with only modestly powerful feats. The early series featured village-level destruction and high Hypersonic speeds. As the series progressed, however, fans got to witness a whole different realm with new and compelling characters being introduced. These included human ninjas and even legendary creatures like the Bijuu.

As the story went on, the show conquered high-tier feats such as Kage level shinobi and bijuu who range from Mountain level to Small Country level, Country level to Multi-Continent level, and God tiers who reach from Multi-Continent level to Moon and Star level with the aid of some powerful Jutsu. This universe also has a relatively powerful collection of hax abilities. These include power mimicry, poison manipulation, genjutsu, power absorption, spatial manipulation, and many more.

The more interesting part is, that whilst displaying a show of power, Narutoverse also takes the fans on an emotional roller coaster. The storyline is well-connected from arc to arc keeping everyone in the loop. For those who wish to watch a lighthearted version of the Narutoverse, the franchise has produced a collection of filler episodes to keep the audience entertained whilst a war, and a God level at that continues to wage behind the scenes.

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