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Best School Fighting Manga/Manhwa

If you are the kind of person who is most interested in high school setups and fight scenes, we have some of the best manhwa recommendations for you. These manhwas are a golden find, so naturally many of you who are avid readers of manhwa will already be familiar with most of them, while for others it will be a brand-new experience. Regardless, these manhwas will keep your interest intact, leaving you wanting more.

We present a list of 5 high school manhwa that will surely test your fighting skills and give you a light description so you can have an idea of what you’re about to get into.

1. Weak hero

The plot of this manhwa revolves around a kid who gets accepted into one of the inferior pupil’s schools unexpectedly. The majority of the school is made up of bullies and weak pupils, but because the main character was a new student, he was quite used to staying silent.

One day, he gets singled out by a school bully just so the bully could gather attention. This led the youngster to do something nobody could possibly have expected. Not only was his battle with his bully successful, but he was able to beat him rather comprehensively.

2. Mercenary Enrollment

The story revolves around Yu Jin, who was forced to live as a mercenary after having suffered a car crash that killed his parents and made him lose his memory.

After ten years, he discovers that he has a very caring grandfather and a sister, but reuniting with his family and living a normal life didn’t seem easy.

This is a particularly good find if you are a fan of Korean webtoons where the main character beats the bullies and the story is solid, action-focused, and keeps getting better as it progresses.

3. unOrdinary

The manga follows the story of a typical teenage boy named John, who attends a school where everyone has magical abilities. The story is not that simple though! John possesses a secret that can bring the school’s entire order down. Now, what may this secret be?

This story is an entertaining read from start to end, and while it may have its flaws, the strengths outweigh them by a margin. If you are looking for a manhwa with an overpowered main character that is set in a school, this is a must-read for you!

4. The Breaker

The Breaker is one of the most popular and well-known manhwas out there among those set in a school environment. Set in a school, the story contains a lot of interesting and captivating fight scenes. The protagonist of the story faced a lot of bullying in his previous school, so after transferring to his new school, the MC is ready to take preemptive measures.

After the arrival of a new instructor at his current school, the main character notices how he can beat up everyone in the school corridor. The MC then pleads with him to teach him martial arts and basic defense strategies, and after much convincing, the teacher agrees. After a long period of intensive training, the MC is able to learn the art of fighting and self-defense and is now able to protect himself.

The manhwa is a unique and entertaining read that has an overpowered mc, who is able to get stronger.

5. The Beginning After the End

This manhwa is about King Grey, who died with a lot of regrets, but then somehow got reincarnated in a magical world. Luckily for him, his new life came with a lot of improvements. But alas, nothing ever turns out this perfectly, and the MC now has to deal with threats that may destroy his new life. Grey is hesitant about dealing with those threats, but he also does not want to repeat previous mistakes and have more regrets.

The Beginning After the End is a beautifully written story set in a school life that teaches us some important life lessons.

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