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My Hero Academia Season 6: An All-Out War

My Hero Academia’s season 6 premiered on Saturday, October 1st, with a darker and more solemn tone. The season starts with a life-threatening battle with no time for a reprieve. Unlike the past 5 seasons of the show where we see the protagonists studying and training to become heroes, this season they have to deal with real-world danger and threats. The stakes are at an all-time high, and right from episode one, the stage is set for an epic battle, changing the entire tone of the series. This season is what we had been waiting for since season 1, and so far things are looking most auspicious.

In this season we do learn some interesting information about Dr.Ujiko’s past and how he was able to perfect the copying and replication of quirks and allow quirkless people like himself to gain powers. This was an interesting development in the story, as it shows the intensity of the situation and how the villains may have many new tricks up their sleeves. After seeing several episodes explaining the ideology and working of the Meta Liberation Army, we now understand the threat they pose to the peace of my hero academia’s world. Season 6 uses the severity of that threat to create tension similar to that of the Kamino Incident.

The animation style of this season is also darker, and similar to that of a horror anime, slowly creeping as it anticipates the presence of a villain at every turn, and when the monsters—- Nomus, do arrive, it is indeed a horde of horror. The Nomus, resembling flesh-eating ghouls, are truly horrifying monsters, with ever-growing strength. It was a great joy to see the animation quality of this season, as it only adds to the beauty of the story.

Episode 5 of season 6, titled “The Thrill of Destruction”, centers around 3 different fights, all of which become irrelevant with the arrival of the show’s main antagonist, Tomura Shigaraki. Tomura Shigaraki is the secret and most powerful weapon of the Paranormal Liberation Front, and with his awakening, the tide of the battle completely shifts in the villains’ direction. All the heroes are grasped in fear as they realize the strength of Shigaraki and their powerlessness against him. “The Thrill of Destruction” is an episode that builds up to the real fight that is to come, but by the end of the episode, there’s a whole decayed city.

The episode starts, for once, without a recap explaining the primary storyline of the show for the umpteenth time. The episode mainly focuses on Endeavor, the number 1 hero, and his team who are going after Shigaraki, All for One’s right-hand man, and the mad scientist behind his power—-DrUjiko. 

This week’s episode 5 “The Thrill of destruction”, had undeniably stunning and kinetic action sequences, animated impressively, and up-to-par with the rest of the season’s animation style. The episode, with exhilarating scenes, bid time until the season’s big finish. Overall, it was an engaging and important episode of the season, a build-up for what is yet to come in the fight between heroes and villains.

Episode 6 comes out Saturday, 12th November, continuing where the series ended in episode 5. This season so far has shown great promise with its new tone, leaving fans excited for what is to come next.

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