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Best Animes For Beginners

Anime popularity is at an all-time high and luckily there are tons of genre options to cater to different viewers. There has never been a better time to be a weeb than it is now, and streaming services are more accessible than ever. The hype surrounding anime has increased dramatically over the past decade, and if you’re someone who’s just diving into the world of anime, but don’t know where to start; you have come to the right place! Each anime has its own unique story. Here is a convenient guide for novices who are not sure where to start.

Shonen Anime:

Shonen is by far the most popular genre when it comes to anime, and the most popular anime are usually of this brand such as Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach. Demographically speaking, shonen anime is more popular among boys, as it usually centers around a male protagonist. These types of anime are usually filled with action scenes and a lot of captivating fights and battles.

There is a huge variety even among shonen anime, as they each have a universe of their own. For instance, an anime like Dragon Ball Z is completely different from an anime like One Punch Man. Not all shonen anime revolves around action and fight scenes but it is the case with most. This genre is perfect for people who like watching shows that are filled with action sequences and have a large number of episodes.

Some recommendations for this genre are Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, Bleach, Naruto, And Dragon Ball Z.

Shojo Anime:

Shojo is the female equivalent of shonen anime as it mostly caters to girls. These types of anime are not completely devoid of action or fight scenes; it’s just that they primarily revolve around other themes such as relationships and emotional drama. Commonly shojo anime follows the protagonist’s personal life and relationship drama while including some sort of mystical element that becomes the source of their power. The most popular shojo anime are the ones that follow the story of a young girl with magical powers, allowing them the ability to transform. A very famous example of such anime is Sailor Moon. The animation style of shojo anime is most often bright and colorful, with aesthetically pleasing character designs.

Some recommendations for this genre are Sailor Moon, My Love Story, Fruits Basket, and Horimiya.

Seinen Anime:

Seinen is the adult counterpart of shone anime with content catered towards a more adult audience. It is the R-rated version of shonen anime in simple words. This type of genre includes themes that are more mature and intense, at times also involving a psychological element. Instead of following the story of the protagonist, as in shonen anime, seinen anime revolves around antiheroes or heroes who are without flaws. We get to experience all sides of the story with such anime and learn how things aren’t always back or white.

Some of the most complex and sophistically crafted anime is of the seinen genre, and it is the perfect place to start for someone who doesn’t like overly optimistic plotlines. These types of anime include themes of science fiction, horror, psychological thriller, and even fantasy.

Some recommendations for this genre are Attack on Titan, Code Geass, Berserk, Vinland Saga, and Kill La Kill.

Slice Of Life:

This type of anime is perfect for watching when you are in a bad mood, as they are endlessly soothing. Slice-of-life anime follow simple storylines without any intense scenes and contain tons of feel-good characters. The anime usually follows a group of friends, a high school club, or some employees at an office. Although the stakes are muted in such anime, the shows are still fantastic and attention-grabbing.

Some recommendations for this genre are Spy x Family, Haikyuu, The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya, and Clannad.

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