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Top 3 Naruto Battles Ranked

There is no denying that Naruto is one of the best shonen anime out there filled with some epic fight scenes. Before Naruto became Boruto’s father, he was the underdog of Konoha that took the ninja world by storm. His ninja way influenced countless number of his friends, and enemies alike. Naruto’s journey to becoming Hokage was far from simple; it was, in fact, fraught with battles. It goes without saying that Naruto is responsible for having some of the best fights in the anime world, all of which were excellently directed. Today we will be ranking the best ones.

3. Sasuke Vs Itachi:

Sasuke shared his goal of killing his brother way back when we first met him. Since then we have seen him train and grow stronger so he can exact revenge on his brother–Itachi for killing their entire clan in cold blood. His iniquitous actions and betrayal were all due to his singular life goal. As we watch his journey of growing stronger and leaving his friends and home behind, we learn that his pain is not only due to the death of his family, but it’s also because of his lost childhood. He believes that he can only bring justice to his clan by killing off Itachi.

The fight between two brothers, who were strongly bonded throughout their childhood, is cathartic, but also mournful. A decisive attack from Sasuke settles the fight, but Itachi leaves one more wrinkle to his story. Itachi’s bitter-sweet death leaves everyone questioning the fairness of his death.

2. Naruto Vs Sasuke — Final Battle:

After a never-ending series of ever-escalating fights, and with the scrappy victory of team 7 over Kaguya, it was time for the fight we had all been waiting for—Naruto Vs Sasuke. This fight is what all the fans had been waiting for since the start of Shippuden. Naruto and Sasuke’s legendary rivalry is one for the history books. Their conflicting ideologies regarding the way they want to change the ninja world made their enmity more interesting and intense.

Sasuke remained hell-bent on following his ninja way, whereas Naruto resolved to bring Sasuke back home to Konoha. After a series-long wait and getting through the painfully staggering filler episodes, we finally got to witness the fight, and the wait was 100 percent worth it! The two go into battle with their destructive techniques, brutal bare-knuckle taijutsu, and a chain of last-chance attacks, to finally reach a deadlock. Naruto with his indomitable will is finally able to get through to Sasuke and convince him of his ninja way to make the world a peaceful place.

1. Rock Lee Vs Gaara:

When the Chunin exams were going on, we were given a chance to witness Rock Lee’s strength. In all of the Naruto Series, this remains one of the most epic, and jaw-dropping battles. This fight from the middle of the Chunin arc is most memorable and hard-hitting despite it being simple. The fight is beautifully animated where one ninja is fighting to succeed and the other is fighting for his pride. This fight is when we first get to see Rock Lee’s amazing taijutsu, as he strategically breaks through Gaara’s freakishly tough defense.  

The fight is what caused fans everywhere to appreciate Rock Lee’s strength and determination. The arc also includes a lengthy flashback of Lee’s tragic past and his unwavering resolution. Tragically Lee faces a crushing defeat against Gaara and his gourd of sand that he can command at will, but it does ensure to everyone present; that Rock Lee is not someone to be taken lightly.

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