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Bleach: Five of the series’ smartest characters

Bleach is one of the most beloved anime out there. A huge part of its popularity is due to its intriguing characters. These sharp characters favor strategy over swordplay and intellect over strength, leading to some of Bleach’s most riveting outcomes.

The most difficult opponents on the Bleach battlefield often lack the strongest techniques or the fastest swordsmanship; instead, they possess unwavering intelligence. While expert manipulations induce self-doubt which eventually leads to mistakes, often of the lethal sort, a smart strategy can easily defeat an overpowered enemy.

The majority of the bleach characters on this list have been around for more than a century, giving them plenty of chances to learn from their mistakes and gain knowledge. Each of these individuals has developed a special set of abilities that will likely be fully shown in Bleach: The Thousand Year Blood War (currently airing on different streaming services).

5. Ichimaru Gin

The former 3rd Division Captain has an extremely high intelligence because he is an expert manipulator who enjoys taking his victims on emotional roller coasters. Others can’t understand Ichimaru Gin’s body language, covert eyes, or eerie, persistent smile, which makes him the ideal candidate for his treasonous actions.

This young genius breezed through Shinigami Academy training and effortlessly figured out the convoluted politics of the Gotei 13, rapidly earning himself a place in Aizen’s ranks. Even the astute Aizen is unaware that he is being double-crossed by Ichimaru!

4. Mayuri Kurotsuchi

Not everyone agrees with Mayuri Kurotsuchi’s bizarre methods of experimenting as the merciless mad scientist of the Gotei 13, but they also cannot dispute his inventive skill. The 12th Division Captain created his own “daughter” from scratch and used his own body as a weapon like a merciless Inspector Gadget.

The current Shinigami Research Institute director, who also founded Fake Karakura Town, is constantly solving problems, examining data, testing theories, and engaging in psychological warfare. Mayuri is the only person known to be capable of altering a Zanpakuto, and he is also the creator of many of the devices and medications utilized throughout the Seireitei

3. Kyoraku Shunsui

It may seem as though this well-liked Captain is casual and unconcerned, but Kyoraku Shunsui is paying closer attention than you may believe, making it nearly impossible to fool him! The elegant Shinigami’s keen perception, which even the great Yamamoto praises, seems to have only gotten sharper over time.

Shunsui carefully observes his opponent’s every move during fights to determine their fighting technique and any distinguishable patterns in their demeanor. Even Zanpakuto’s special talents require intense concentration and cunning planning to succeed since his numerous Shikai techniques have the potential to disastrously backfire if not used properly.

2. Aizen Sosuke

Aizen Sosuke deceived (nearly) everyone into thinking he was an amicable, kind-hearted Shinigami without a sadistic bone in his body, and boy could that assessment be more false! Get this man an Oscar! The former captain of the 5th Division created the Hollowfication procedure, secretly assembled his army of Arrancar in Hueco Mundo, and coerced them (along with many others) into carrying out his nefarious deeds.

This was pure genius. Aizen spent years brushing up on his Seireitei knowledge and is even more knowledgeable about the Hogyoku than its creator. As a result, he has access to a lot of important and sensitive information. He rarely gives his opponent a chance to attack because he is always one step ahead during combat, and they frequently just succumb to his Zanpakuto’s hypnotic influence.

1. Urahara Kisuke

Even Aizen admits that only one person—the silly, laid-back, underappreciated Urahara Kisuke, affectionately known as Mr. Hat-and-Clogs—could outwit him. Urahara’s outstanding scientific abilities are demonstrated by the fact that he built the Shinigami Research and Development Institute, and Seireitei still owes gratitude to their exiled 12th Division Captain for many of his clever inventions that are still in use. The Hogyoku, Reiatsu Concealing Gigais, and many other stories were made by this creative mind, who also possesses a wealth of medical knowledge and the ability to make particular medicines as needed.

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