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5 Anime You Can Binge Watch In A Day

Nothing compares to watching an entire season in one sitting. Not every anime series needs to have as many episodes as One Piece or Case Closed. Some of the best stories are short and to the point.

Due to their quick pacing, intricate plots, and degree of change between episodes, these shows fit the definition of “Binge-Worthy.” These shows, whether they last for one or two seasons, captivate audiences with intriguing stories and endearing protagonists. Anyone looking for the finest anime to binge-watch can find something here thanks to the wide range of genres and styles available.

1. Erased

Erased is one of those “alter the past by going back in time” tales like Back to the Future, but it does it so incredibly effectively. This was created by the animation company A-1 Pictures, known for a wide range of anime including Fairy Tail and Blue Exorcist.

The main character of Erased, Satoru Fujima, is an adult who goes back in time to his middle school years to solve a murder case. Satoru has to explore every grownup matter and persuade others that he is an expert while still being a child.

Erased is the ideal thriller to binge in a day or two because he travels back to the present several times, and the immaculately well-written story between him and Kayo, the girl he’s trying to save. Oh, and the opening music of Erased will likely stay in the heads of the viewers, for weeks to come.

2. Death Parade

Death Parade wasn’t the most watched anime like Naruto, One Piece, or My Hero Academia, but it still had a sizable fan base while airing on TV. It is a short story with a straightforward idea that exudes mood, flair, and charm. This 2015 anime gained popularity online due to its hip, upbeat opening animation and song before drawing viewers in with the idea of a “heaven-or-hell death game.”

The anime takes place at Quindecim, a “bar” that serves as a midpoint between Heaven and Hell. People are put through deceptive tests in this bar that are considerably more complicated than they initially seem (often in the form of bar games). The humanizing chats with Decim’s “helper” and the suddenly amnesiac Onna, together with the scenes when he supervises and passes judgment after the game’s end, make Death Parade so fantastic. It’s all neatly condensed into 12 entertaining episodes that viewers will love to watch; more importantly, they won’t grow sick of hearing the anime’s opening theme


An alien who enjoys guitars and Vespas–mechas that emerge from people’s brains, and a story with a narrative that moves at a billion kilometers per second are all included in FLCL. Although the plot occasionally seems secondary to the action and cinematography, FLCL’s tale comes together rather nicely by the end of its run. The show is overpowering in the greatest manner possible.

Eventually, the original series gave rise to two tardy spinoffs, neither of which significantly improved upon the original. Even though the follow-ups don’t quite match FLCL’s standards, all three seasons are excellent for standalone binge-watching sessions.

4. No Game No Life

What if disputes were resolved not with words or blows, but with the outcomes of a game? That is the premise of No Game No Life, and that setting would have been straightforward enough. However, the author goes a step further and introduces two mute siblings who are among the finest players in the world to the Disboard world, so obviously, things get a lot more exciting. It’s an anime with stunning visuals, fantastic music, endearing characters, and a wholly original idea.

5. Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai, based on Takashi Okazaki’s seinen manga, became famous thanks to its expertly coordinated action scenes and impressive English voice acting. Based on a different historical account of feudal Japan, fighters are ranked according to the number on their headbands, with “Number 1” being the best fighter in the nation. The titular samurai saw his father die at Justice’s hands as a boy; after the murder, Justice took his father’s Number 1 headband. Afro Samurai, who is now a skilled swordsman, plans to exact revenge.

Although Afro Samurai has engaging characters and excellent music, its bloody action scenes and chic animation are the series biggest draws. Despite the considerable depth and brief moments of introspection, the series and movie both know what the public wants.

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