People around the world have started taking interest in Anime lately as compared to other more trending series. There’s an interesting fact for people who develop a liking for this category and eventually resulting in them picking up various phrases and using them in their daily lives but the least they know is that there are some psychology related to using them. This little habit tells a lot about people along with their personality trait and without any delays let’s get started with the top 5 most used Anime phrases of all times.

“Please notice me, Senpai”

This phrase comes in variations and generally refers to a higher person/authority in order to be seeking love of friendship. This phrase in overall encapsulates romance and the idea of admiration from a person who is generally ignorant about the one using it or is lease aware of their interest.


As it sounds, it drops off it’s essence into its meaning too which means adorable or fascinating. This phrase is an alternative new slang for people who carry a ‘crush’ feeling for someone and use it as a complement indirectly taking interest in them. This shows that they relate to them as their definition of cute and innocent or rather intimidating in one way or another.


People, if you hear them say this, please don’t get too mad but do understand what they actually mean. This phrase literally means ‘moron’ in kansai dialect but it actually says a lot about them as they consider a specific act stupid or unnecessary but are least interested to take any further notice about it. As per psychology, they are very introvert and do not like to interfere and are not interested in mocking anyone.


IF they call you this, you’re a king. This phrase means ‘master’ or someone with a higher authority that is aware and knows what they’re doing. People who use this phrase have a submissive personality and are interested in you, or are intimidated by your knowledge and they have immense respect for you and the knowledge you carry. Feel special about this one.

last but never the lest

“Doki Doki”

Ladies! if your heart goes doki doki when you see him? know that you’re in love. not to be racist or to be gender specific but this is a very feminine phrase for ladies indicating a fragile, strong and heartfelt emotion that men usually overcome. People who use this phrase have a very kind and soft nature and are affected by ever single thing around them and they catch feelings really fast so beware of breaking their heart as you know their heart beats fast hence doki doki, literally meaning ‘heart beating fast’.


It is normal for anyone to pick up traits from the activities and series they are pretty much fascinated by and if you are a person who takes hints in the process of understanding someone, then take notes because you bumped into the right place and we hope that you’ll find this reading thoughtful and helpful, what do you think? Let us know!