A character prologue in anime could always make or break the character’s stamps in the eyes of the watchers. So, it’s essential to have long-lasting and if possible badass stamps on the watcher’s eyes every time a new character will be introduced in any anime shows. It doesn’t need need to be so overpowered but on how a prologue could be so pat brutal, engaging, eye-catching, or fatal that it leaves a wow factor on the following.
In order to give panegyric to those surprising badass anime characters, our dear fellow anime YouTuber from Weloveanime channel hereby partook his Top 10 Character Prolusions in Anime on which our platoon forcefully believed to be decent and licit list staying true to its title. Now, let’s talk about these anime characters with monstrous power as per the principles of their own separate anime worlds.

10.Toyotomi Hideyoshi (Sengoku Sengoku Basara)

Sitting in the 10th place of the list is the significant warlord from Sengoku Basara who called to annihilate an entire army just by a single swing of his significant fist. A really significant grappler on his own that could destroy any opponents that comes closer without a single sign of warning.

9.The Pillar Men (Jojo Jojo ’s Unreal Adventure)

A race of ancient inhuman super-beings which had been the main antagonists in the Battle Tendency turn of Jojo ’s Absurd Adventure. Imagine just how badass it’s to turn your adversaries into gravestones and makes them dematerialize like dust without leaving a single beach of their actuality.

8.Shimazu Toyohisa ( Drifters)

This great swordsman who’s able of defeating an entire army on his own is in 8th place. Just look at those killed that he did and how crazy he could be, it ’s actually cringing and absorbing.

7.Trunks (Dragon Dragon Ball Z)

A familiar face is spotted on the 7th place of our list and everybody clearly allowed how overpowered this bastard is when we first saw him. I remember I got myself to drop my jaw as a bairn when Trunks was introduced as he single- fluently abolished Frieza who gave tons of trouble to Son Goku and amigos.

6.Luo-Lang (Sword Sword of the Foreigner)

This extremely accomplished swordsman who have terrible arrogance and unequaled bloodlust could shook you off when he was first introduced in the movie. His strength is as crazy as his thirst for blood, he ’s a walking demon all throughout the story.

5.Kaido (One One Piece)

The King of Beasts is ranked inno. 5 in this list and his prologue is as hilariously fantastic as his unsurpassable brute force is. It’s simply sublime and overpowered could be an understatement to describe him.

4.Levi Ackerman ( Attack on Titan)

The strongest man-at-arms from the Attack on Titan macrocosm clearly merited a spot on this list. Captain Levi had an imposing preface as he fought a bunch of giants mercilessly proving to his juniors in the military how mighty the Special Operations Squad of the Survey Corps.

3.L ( Death Note)

Psychologically creepy, L is on a separate league of his own. He may not be overpowered and he yea got himself defeated by Light in the end, but his persona is individual that anyone could n’t freely surpass. He’s shrouded in conundrum that dwarf could plumb and his exordium in the Death Note series simply shows a cunning master who knows how to play his game nonchalantly, and in style.

2.Escanor (Seven Seven Deadly Sins)

Praise the effing sun, Lord Escanor seriously surprised us and had us caught our breath first after he seamlessly conquered the arrogant Galand of the Ten Commandments. His strength and pride are simply insane, good thing those muscles of him could back up all of his so- called arrogance.

1.Madara Uchiha (Naruto Naruto Shippuden)

The ultimate villain of Naruto Shippuden is listed atno. 1 as he was anteriorly introduced and mentioned in several occasions but his effective appearance in the 4th Shinobi War simply shows the epitome of coming in with a dramatic entrance as he nonchalantly had his opponents ate some dust immediately.

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