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Consequences Of Excessive Gaming.

Over the years, gaming industry has been flourishing and has been spreading it’s branches across the globe. While we all love the concept of gaming and most teenagers are also earning fortunes through gaming, let’s not ignore the adverse effects of excessive gaming on our health. Sometimes people indulge themselves in it for so long […]

Why And How Did PUBG Get So Popular?

If you’re reading this then you most probably are a part of the PUBG family. We all are well aware of the hype that there is about that game. It has exacerbated to the point where international governments are having to ban the game. Some parents even claim that their kids have committed suicide because […]

How To Earn Fortunes From Gaming?

The world is at a halt during this pandemic situation, with companies and businesses collapsing and people loosing their sources of income. It is only natural that everyone is finding ways of earning from home. If you’re a gamer who already owns a decent enough gaming set-up then let me tell you that you can […]

Is PS4 Better Than Xbox?

Are you a teenager who’s just getting into the gaming world? Or you a parent who isn’t sure which console device to get for your child? Don’t you worry because after reading this post I believe you will have a clearer idea of which device suits you best. There are many controversies in the realm […]

Console Vs PC? Which One is Best?

In the realm of gaming there have been numerous battles over which game is the best or which one is the worst. However, the biggest dispute that has been among all the gamers worldwide still remains the same, Console VS PC? Both of these formats of gaming have there own set of advantages and disadvantages. […]

Top 10 Hyped Mobile Games 2020

Amidst the 2020 pandemic and quarantined situation, mobile games are a new trend even for those who never gave them a try. Since there’s a lot more time than necessary, here we are with a list of the Top played and tested video games that are available for download from the appstore and playstore, for […]