Over the years, gaming industry has been flourishing and has been spreading it’s branches across the globe. While we all love the concept of gaming and most teenagers are also earning fortunes through gaming, let’s not ignore the adverse effects of excessive gaming on our health. Sometimes people indulge themselves in it for so long that they end up skipping their meals, how absurd is that! But its also very true. So here are a few consequences of excessive gaming.


Now it is only natural that when you’re gaming, be it on your cell-phone, PC or console devices, You tend to sit for prolonged hours and play non-stop. Now a lot of people do not know about this but recent studies have found that sitting for too long constantly everyday causes cancer! Scary? thought so. So make sure that you take regular intervals during your gaming sessions and go for a walk or just stretch for a while. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Now this might not sound a very big issue to a lot of people but my mother constantly points me out about getting a double-chin. When you’re gaming on smaller devices like Tabs, Ipads and cellphones, you usually have your head down. The constant and prolonged position causes double-chin to grow which usually ends up ruining jawlines and face structure.


These days most of the parents complain about their kids not being attentive enough or being lost. That’s because their heads are somewhere else. And in most cases, they are stuck at video games. A lot of students have been loosing their grades and have been failing classes just because they spend way too much of their time playing games. And even when they are studying, they’re only barely focusing.


Almost all of you are gonna agree to this point. Teenagers and children have been spending an awful lot of their precious time on video games. Families now barely sit together or go out for quality time. Battle Royale themed games have compelled gamers to the point where they are literally glued to the screen and they barely leave their spot.


Is it just me or do you think that Gen Z is way more violent and aggressive? All these games like Call of Duty and Counterstrike promote violence that’s making children loose their minds. I see boys screaming their throats off while playing and then being extremely aggressive when they loose a match. It literally effects their entire mood and how they behave all day. PUBG has been banned from many countries because a few children allegedly committed suicide.


There is no doubt in the fact that these games are highly addictive. If you once get yourself into it, it gets pretty hard for you to do anything else all day and you feel like playing for hours and not stopping. People have stopped caring about their health because of their dependency on the game. A lot of gamers have been making money through gaming but that also means that they are spending way too much of their time in front of screens and they just don’t know how to stop.