The world is at a halt during this pandemic situation, with companies and businesses collapsing and people loosing their sources of income. It is only natural that everyone is finding ways of earning from home. If you’re a gamer who already owns a decent enough gaming set-up then let me tell you that you can earn fortunes from gaming. Back in the pre-pandemic days people usually used to play games on weekends and in their leisure time just for fun. But now since everyone has all the time one could ask for, you can plug in your gaming system and start earning. So here are a few effective ways on how to earn fortunes from gaming?


Tyumen, Russia – April 30,2019: YouTube App icon channel on iPhone XR

This is the easiest and the most popular way of earning through gaming. A lot of gamers and youtubers, even vloggers shifted to streaming game-plays. The most viewed game-plays these days are of the battle royale themed games. The top most games being Fortnite and PUBG. Streamers make up-to $3,000 to $5,000 on an average each month. If you further add ads to your videos, you can earn up-to $250 dollars per 100 subscribers. All you need to do is improve your gaming skills and master the art of story telling. Then simply make a monetized YouTube channel and get yourself subscribers and viewers through quality content. Some of the famous names in the industry are Ninja and Sssniperwolf.


This is also a fun and easy way to earn through gaming. Simply compete in the gaming tournaments of games like Call Of Duty, League Of Legends, Fortnite and PUBG. Now this might not be a constant and long-term source of income unless you’re really pro at gaming and win all the contests.


A lot of gamers look up the internet for their gaming queries. You can always sit at home and make a gaming website where you can write blogs related to gaming. A very effective way to do so is by having your blog SEO-optimized to get more traffic. Here are a few ideas for starting a gaming blog:

  1. review the games that you play.
  2. Make comparisons between similar games.
  3. Write the games which are worth purchasing as no one wants to spend on boring games.
  4. Make comparisons between console devices
  5. Create guides and tutorials

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Big gaming computer set up with headset and two screens. There is an empty chair. Nobody is there and the screens show live streaming of an esport event. Note: Both images on the screens are my work. Property releases attached.

Game developers and companies pay game testers to play their games and review on it. They also expect the testers to add things that would bring improvement to the game and fix bugs. Now this might seem easy but it’s not everyone’s piece of cake. Game testing can be a real pain as you’d have to learn the language of every new game that you test. However, for gamers looking for a full-time job, game testing is good money as in the US an average tester earns up-to $67,813 per year. Which is better than normal jobs that you apply for!


One of the most effective ways of earning through gaming full-time is by actually making games yourself. Big gaming companies in the industry like EA hire developers to make quality games. On an average, a game developer can earn around $83,000 per year. However, the fact that companies hire developers should not stop you from developing your own game. There are examples of people who made their own games just because they were passionate about it and later sold it to companies. Finn Brice, the developer of the hit game Stardew Valley made his game all by himself which earned $24 million in 2016.

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