Hi there anime lovers. This article has the top 10 most liked and loved anime heroes. The heroes have been a part of vast discussion among the anime lover for being the best and the perfect. Lets us start the epic adventure with our all-time favorite anime heroes.

Kenshin Himura

Kenshin Himura is the protagonist of the anime series Rurouni Kenshin manga. Himura Kenshin also called “Battousai” the manslayer”. Since Kenshin no longer wants to slaughter anyone numerous men attempt to stir the covered up Battousai inside. Himura is a talented fighter and can battle without murdering his rival however harming his adversary severely. He is skilled and can show his skills anywhere.


Kenshiro is the protagonist of the manga Fist of the North Star. He is strong and powerful yet emotionally weak, as he doesn’t fear to cry. His favorite phrase is ”your already dead”. He is a master of martial art. He dedicates his life fighting against evil people for instance gangs, bandits, and warlords.


Levi is from on of the renowned manga series Attack on the titans.Freezing and withdrawn, Levi may resemble a child yet he’s a couple of decades old and has slaughtered numerous Titans. He’s known as “Humankind’s Strongest Soldier”, yet another title could be “Mankind’s Cleanest Soldier”. He’s a power to be dealt with and is bringing down Titans (and residue) one at a time. Levi has short, straight dark hair styled in an undercut, just as tight, threatening dull blue eyes with dark circles under them and a misleadingly energetic face. He is very short, yet his physical make-up is all around created in musculature from broad Omni-directional portability gear use. He is typically either scowling or vacuous; that, in addition to his very quiet air, frequently makes it hard for others to think about what he is thinking.

Edward Elric

Edward Elric is from the famous anime Fullmetal Alchemist.Ed is additionally a gifted contender. After a bombed transmutation when he was a kid, he loses an arm and leg (and his sibling loses his body, yet hello, we’re discussing Ed here). Not letting such a basic thing as lost appendages stop him, he before long gets prosthetic (“auto mail”) appendages and trains himself, indicating physical quality as well as mental quality too.

Yusuke Urameshi

Yusuke Urameshi is from the anime ”Yu Yu Hakusho”.Yusuke used to be a regular reprobate, with a terrible disposition and an irritability. With an adoration for battling and a scary glare, it’s difficult to accept this insubordinate adolescent would forfeit himself to safeguard a child who meandered into the way of traffic. Murdered on sway, Yusuke goes to existence in the wake of death where he is allowed to come back to life. The catch is he needs to show he’s a decent individual and help individuals. After his restoration, he proceeds to help the hereafter more by battling evil presences. isn’t he lucky!


Saitama is from the anime One Punch Man. Saitama has the one of a kind capacity demolish rivals with one punch. This has made life exhausting for him, as battles once in a while last longer than five minutes. It additionally caused him to lose all his hair. Simply don’t call him baldy!

Natsu Dragneel

Natsu is from the Fairy tale anime. Natsu is somewhat of a free soul, yet his companions can generally depend on him. With his bunch of fire enchantment and his tremendous quality, only he is an extreme adversary to beat. Be that as it may, when he and his companions function as a group, they’re relentless!

Naruto Uzumaki

A destiny that made him be avoided by the vast majority of Konoha all through his adolescence. Subsequent to joining Team Kakashi, Naruto endeavored to pick up the town’s affirmation at the same time pursuing his fantasy to become Hokage. Naruto is portrayed as uproarious, rich, and unconventional, very like Hashirama Senju. Naruto is generally innocent, straightforward, and delayed to get standards or circumstances. He regularly requires a distorted similarity so as to get a handle on clarifications. Naruto can be very attentive, getting on things others miss and holding data coolly accumulated through discussion. We all love Naruto he is the ninja of our hearts.

Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo kurosaki is from the famous anime Bleach.With regards to control, Ichigo is absolutely loaded with it. Since he was youthful Ichigo could see apparitions. This prompts him turning into a Soul Reaper, to battle the maverick spirits that have turned underhandedness. Over the span of the arrangement he acquires and more powers. Before the finish of the manga he’d most likely turn into a God or something, at the rate he’s going.


Goku is from the most watched and loved anime Dragon Ball Z.The world’s most grounded warrior is obviously Goku! He’s spared the world so often, and yielded himself in any event half the same number of times. With his outsider quality and capacities, and the help of his companions, Goku consistently figures out how to spare the day. Goku and a large portion of the others in this rundown share something practically speaking; their quality originates from graciousness and their kinship the same amount of as it does from physical force.

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