Fighting is now the prevailing trend in the Manhwa. Shounen manhwas is a particular case where you need to possess a powerful/radical ability and must fight strong foes while earning the respect of others. Also, Comment Down Below if you find something new to read.


Once I’m done, this Manhwa will be remembered as one of my favorite books. It’s all about fighting, revenge, and honor. It keeps you on the edge of your chair with each Chapter and makes you want more at every cliffhanger. This Manhwa is home to a wide range of fighters. Mc Nam Ji-il was a student at the high school known as the Royal Kingdom for the delinquent. He is a well-known bread boy at the school from the very first day. His life turns around after he is diagnosed with chronic heart disease and also suffers from bullying. However, a sudden event changes his life.


This Manhwa is also very good. I love the story and art. Some gods are stronger than others. Some gods are more powerful than others. Children who were born under weaker gods are not allowed to attend high school. They must find work after middle school. This world’s high school is where students learn to be stronger gods. One thing they have in common is that they can grant wishes provided the right price has been paid. Learning can turn back time in a matter of seconds, and it is very costly for it. Learning can reverse time by going to high school, and he will have to pay dearly for it.

8.Boss At School

Seth Kwon was an innate fighter. He makes a promise to his mother to stop fighting. But, his father’s death leaves him with one message. “Stop getting your arse kicked.” It’s a great, entertaining show that focuses on crazy, mixed-up, and serious mental games. It’s great fun, and I feel it will get even more with each Chapter. You should also check out This Manhwa if you haven’t.

7.Study Group

Study Group Is Any Ongoing Manhwa series. Gamin Yoon is a 17-year-old student who goes to a school that harbors future criminals. He is forced to study in a carnivorous environment, where only the most strong survive. This makes it difficult for him to achieve good grades and get into a 4-year university. He is unsure if he will be able to study well enough to get into university, or he will become involved in the endless fights surrounding the school. Gamin Yoon, 17, goes to the school that harbors future criminals. He is stuck in a carnivorous environment that only the strongest survive and struggles to get good grades for a four-year university. Will he be able to study well enough to get into university? Or will he become involved in the endless fights surrounding the school?

6.Gangs of School

Gangs of School only has Ch 8 now, but it is definitely worth the time. The family collapsed in a flash after their father’s suicide. As the head of the family, I had to assume responsibility for my mother’s loss and that of my little sister, who is blind and attends a special school. For my family’s sake, I am going to create my own gang at Busan’s strongest gang school. Hot action in a cold world. This is a must-read article if you don’t know Manhwa.

5.How to Fight

It’s great. At first, it can seem boring, but once you get involved, it becomes addictive. Similar to Lookism, it showed a lot of the problems that you can overcome in your life. It is impossible to develop character, and style is not my cup of tea. But you can get used to it. Hobin Yoo, a scrawny high-school student, is unlikely to be the first to appear on a NewTube channel that focuses on fighting. Hobin soon beats out men stronger than he and is making more than he ever imagined. Will Hobin be able to keep up his winning streak, or will he meet his match eventually?

4.Global Martial Arts

Another system is dependent on leveling up in martial arts. But at least MC is training, not just being able to do everything all at once. The rise of martial arts, an intrusion into the crypt. Fang Ping is sent back in time ten years to a parallel universe, which is very similar to his own. However, Fang Ping realizes that martial arts is essential for his bright future. To become a powerful Martial Artist and to help finance his Adorable Little Sisters Empire. Or will he fall on a tofu block and get …?? This Manhua is amazing.

3.God Of Blackfield

“Who am I?” Kang Chan, the legend of Kang Chan, is the French Foreign Legion. His enemies called him “God of Blackfield” during the African war. Chan was shot in the back while on a mission to eliminate Macallan, the Sunni terrorist group SISS. His vision became blurred, and he saw his 13 team members, who had complete faith in him, being killed one by one. He lost consciousness and was saved by a mysterious power. He woke up in South Korea three years later. He was actually in another ‘Kang Chan,’ a high school student of 19 who was being bullied at school. Kang Chan begins his journey to reclaim the body of the traitor and discover the truth about his rebirth.

2.Weak hero

The Weak Hero is Definitely One Of The Best Manhwas I Have Ever Read. The school is run and controlled by tyrants who love to torture the weakest students in class. Gray came along. Gray, a mysterious new student, threatens to overthrow the established order. Although he may be petite in stature, his brutal fighting style and calculative approach leave opponents on the ground begging for mercy. The school’s most feared bullies must now work together to eliminate this unusual hero.

1.Mercenary enrollment

This story was based on a true story that occurred ten years ago. Everyone believed that the main character was dead. His sister and grandpa were notified by him that he was alive and that he would be moving to his sister’s school. For the past ten years, he had lived as a soldier and is now super strong. It’s a great feeling to deal with the bullies at school. It doesn’t let us go! It’s so good that every Chapter is there! It’s original in a good way. It’s hard to find a story like it. It lacks chapters, and it is difficult to rate it 10/10. We don’t know where the story will lead us. It is a great read. It is worth checking out.

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