Gaming in this era is not just a fun way of passing your leisure time but it has become a rapidly growing industry. And let’s not confuse gaming with a sport of kids because let me tell you that I have witnessed grown men earning fortunes in this field. It is only natural that these games don’t come cheap and what would be worst than spending your money on a game that’s just too boring or not fun at all. So here’s a list of top 5 obsessively played games in today’s time.


If you’re here then you’ve more than likely come across this game. It is no doubt that Fortnite is not just the game of this year but it’s the game of this era. It’s battle Royale theme let’s you team up with your friends in squads and duos and then you’re ready to fight in the battle ground with 100 other online players. This game has raised the bars of gaming way too high with it’s cool themes and seasons with all sorts of characters and emotes.


And obviously there’s Pubg! the most played game for all the mobile and PC gamers around the globe. This game too has a battle Royale theme just like Fortnite and I personally believe that it’s also a little more easier to play since it has the bot concept that gets noobs like me a few kills to be happy about.


The market winner for all the aggressive shooting game players is none other than Warzone. So if you and your squad needs some serious fighting with all the guns and snippers, this game is your perfect match. This game does not require a purchase which adds to the reasons for it’s popularity among gamers.


Feeling creative? Need a break from all the screaming and rage from your fighting games? well Minecraft got your back! this game is all about creating and bringing out your inner skills, be it you building a simple home or a castle. So grab that cup of coffee and start exploring your creative sides through this game.


Add this action-adventure game to your collection and you’re almost on your way to become a pro gamer. Just like most of the popular video games, this game also serves the theme of action and fighting. Assassin’s creed has a relatively large community and it’s totally worth all the hype.

If you’re an aggressive gamer and are all about the fights and ammunition, these games are made for you! so do not forget to get your hands on them and let me know if you liked this article and if it was helpful. Let me know in the comments below about your favorite games. Don’t forget to share it with your friends! Happy gaming.