Hi to all the anime lovers out there. Feeling bored, not anymore you are on the right site at the right time. This article is perfect for you if you love happy endings. It will cherish your imaginations and open a new world of imagination for you. Grap your popcorns and start reading. Let’s have a smooth yet exciting, happy yet magical journey and give your imagination a new reality.


Rita is an eighteen-year-old girl. She is loving, caring, and loves daydreaming. Writing stories and painting sketches are one of her favorite hobbies. All her stories have happy endings, all her paintings were about nature. she was a girl with a pure heart. She was skinny, her hairs were black, cheeks were red as if she had two strawberries on both the sides of her cheeks and was as pretty as snowhite but not as modern as the other diva of her high school.


Rita was a pure soul. Yet her story was not as perfect. She had two friends Niomi and Yuri. She liked them a lot but things were not as smooth running as it seemed. One day she went to the college and from that day things changed. Rita went to the class. She everyone laughing at her and felt embarrassed yet she sat on the front desk as always. She was the best student and was loved by all teachers yet did not know a huge storm was coming towards her. It was Misa the most popular and meanest girl. She dragged her out of the class and showed her something on the cell phone. she cried and ran away. She Niomi and Yuri with Misa and the moment she felt umb as if she was struck by lightning.


Misa leaked certain pictures of Rita wearing a clown costume on Niomi’s birthday. But Rita did all of this just to surprise her friend but she realized both of her friends were traitors and gave the picture to Misa. They always wanted to be popular and took a really bad way for that, sadly lost their beloved friend that day.


What did I do wrong, why does this always happen to me cried, Rita. Her mother tried to console her and all her efforts were in vain. It’s not like that my love, you will see there will be someone for you don’t cry, my little girl. Mom, I am tired and how can you not see this has been happening since I was a child, no one loved me, everyone just wanted me because they needed me to do their homework and all mom, Rita couldn’t hold her tears. I will go for a walk mom. I have to draw something to make my inner demons calm down a bit, I am in no terms evil, you raised me to be good girl, I will be a good girl.


That day Rita drew a sketch of a boy. Sh drew broad blue eyes, blond hair, a tough body, a skinny yet an admirable body, she painted the jeans blue and the shirt orange, wide hands. Yet she looked tense and said ”what are you missing” but after a while she yelled ” yes a necklace, on the necklace she wrote her own name Rita and Yuvi love” and laughed and after a while hugged her own painting and said now you are ready to go. She kept on looking at the sketch and cried and said ” I wish your wide hands could hold me”, I could have felt the warmth of a best friend for life. She went back home and greeted her mother.


I am a human. I need love and affection. Why do I always get betrayed? I am not feeling good today. Yuvi I wish you could be here. I am so alone but I still have a mom who loves me yet she has so many chores to do. My dad is a businessman and though he loves me but he visits us once a year. I have everything yet I have no friend. Yuvi please come to me, please. She cried and slept on the board where she made the sketch. Her happy ending was the only part she was missing.


The next day she went to school as always and this day brought a new spring to her life. She was sitting on the front desk alone. She saw someone which made her stunned. A man same as that she drew on the sketch. So she rubbed her eyes and it was like she could not see anything except him. He called Professor can I come in. The professor said yes Yuvi. The name made her numb she had opened her eyes enough as if they would pop the next moment. The professor introduced Yuvi as a student who came from downtown. He sat next to Rita. Rita couldn’t believe her eyes. The same orange shirt tucked in the blue jeans. He thought in her mind and almost make herself believe that it was a mere coincidence.

The Day

She went back home being surprised. Suddenly she saw Yuvi in front of her. Rita its me ”your best friend”, you wanted me to be with you right. She looked at him and cried are you really Yuvi but how can this happen. how can you come to live, I just drew you. Your a pure soul, nature bestows the pure hearts. You were always doing good, nature made me for you Rita, just for you. She jumped at him and yelled out loud.


She went back home with Yuvi and told her mother everything and as always her mother didn’t believe it and was happy that Rita had found a good friend, so she allowed him to stay but on the condition. She took the promise that he will not break her daughter’s heart. So the next day she went to school with him. She had so much fun with him. The girls at the school got jealous and wanted to separate them.

A new beginning

She was a new Rita, a happy one yet Misa would never miss the chance of annoying Rita. She wanted to make her jealous. One day Rita was in the restroom. So when she came out she saw Misa holding Yuvi’s hand. She felt jealous and without informing Yuri she went home. Mom where are you, yelled Rita, mom I think I again going to be betrayed. Suddenly she heard a voice, who will betray my daughter. It was like a morning of spring for her because it was her father voice. He hugged and her and told her how much he missed her. Yuri arrived and saw her father. His father looked at him. Rita’s mother had told him about everything. There was a peace and calmness restored.

The Test

You are Yuri right said Rita’s father. I like you, you should take care of my daughter. Let’s test you today. He punched Yuri and said You made my daughter cry today right. No sir, no it was a misunderstanding said, Yuri. I don’t care you make her cry. I will kill you. Pardon me, sir, I would never make her cry. sir said, Yuri. Leave him, daddy, he is not that bad, I think I might have misunderstood things. His father hugged him and said all I wanted to see your patience. Thank you sir.


The next morning Rita woke up and did not see Yuri. She shouted his name many times. Yuri! Yuri where are you. Mom have you seen Yuri. Mom tells me. I am afraid I have not my daughter. I have send your father to find him. Mom I don’t want to lose him. Worry not you will not my love. She ran toward the same Forrest where she drew him but cried. A deer came out he was badly injured though she was crying yet she helped him. Her tears fell on the deer’s wound and suddenly a bright light spread everywhere. She saw the deer’s wound healed and he disappeared and knew that it was Muntac a goddess of nature. She wrote that in one of the stories.

Yuri’s Back

She went back home and saw what she wanted to see. Yuri your hear, I couldn’t have been happier. Please don’t leave me again. I will never do that. You helped Muntac and she blessed me with a life I had an accident and could see anything. Thank God your back. Her dad came and said you are here and searched the whole universe. Enough with surprises Yuri, I am tired now. Don’t worry I won’t leave you alone again.

Happy forever

Yuri, Rita, her mother, and father were happy. They were together. She was happy because all of her dreams were fulfilled and they were together and they were best friends forever but the future was yet to come. Rita was still optimistic and She kept on drawing. One day when she was with Yuri she saw a pink coyote and she was astonished as she drew it in one of her stories. Yuri asked Rita to do all your sketches come true. She was happy and she never drew any evil, it was always a peaceful and calm nature.

Hi anime lovers, Hope you like the story of Rita. I hope your good dream characters come to real life. Keep on imagining and stay happy. Life is too short for being sad. Keep liking the content. Optimistic to give the best content. Thank you.