Hi and wish you a great day to all the anime lovers out there. Wanna start a mysterious, gothic journey. This article is for all people of all ages. Are you a lover of horror anime, haven’t gotten the best. But now you will not regret reading this anime. Do you want scary stuff, mutilations, and mystery? You will be Scared after reading it, wanna start the adventure. I believe you can. Get up and grab your pillow, shut the light, and start reading. This horror ride will lead you to the peak of your imagination. Don’t miss the chance, fasten the seatbelts and start reading now.

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Blood! It is the last memory I have with my best friend Jerry. I remember he was mad at me for not visiting him. That night I wanted to surprise him, I went to his house rang the bell for as long as I could, I yelled so loud, called his names a million of times but no response. I hardly remember what exactly happened, I thought he was not there. The next morning I went back to see him. Again I found no one I shouted his name for trillion times yet a silence from his side was audible. He lived all by himself; I was the family he had. I still remember he had disastrous dreams and desires, desires which were unrealistic. After three days, I called the police because I had a hope that he would call but all my hope fainted after three days. I went to his house, and this time I opened the door myself. I entered the house, and the very moment there was an awful and dreadful smell all over the place it was like a mixture of fish gut along with all the garbage has been cooked in a shark’s stomach and at the end fertilized Tofu mush has been dumbed. I went upstairs and the smell began to augment gradually. Then I was numb the very next second, I saw my friend covered in blood all I could see was his flesh tattered off; his ribs were visible outside as if he was attacked by a tiger or a lion. I don’t know. Why am I thinking about this? Why am I still thinking? Suddenly I heard a voice sweet and calm to bring my thoughts to peace, I focused and recognized it was my mother. She was shouting my name and I had to go downstairs and give a break to the hateful, horrid, hasty nightmares.


I went down the stairs, I saw my mom. I haven’t seen such a beautiful, amiable woman in my life. I sometimes feel lucky to have her in my life. She is skinny, scrawny, shy and a women of life. A relish and adorned lady loved by all. She helped me a lot during the time I lost my best friend, and she was always with me.


Oh snap I forgot I have to go to the police station today. Mom, I have to go to the police station for Jerry’s case. Ok my son, but I have to go to England I have a meeting there and it will take a week, do you want me to call your grandmother. No, please I am eighteen and I can live happy alone at least for one week mom relax, you don’t need to worry. I love you, son, you mean the world to me. Fate had plans for Alex. Fate is a third dimension. Fate drags each everyone whether it is a man committing a sin or a man in the form of a love as Martin Luther. Fate is for all there is no skin of fate black or white. If it’s in your fate to die from a serpent fangs you will die of it whether you have hidden yourself in a building full of coyotes on your sides. You will have to bow before the fate. Sin, Blood, hatred all have the roots from the evil tree. Alex was nineteen but has suffered a lot. He lives his life restlessly like an old bachelor who has lost everything. NOw he just has to live for the sake of living.


I went to the station and after that, I went back home. I called my friend frank as we had a project to do. He arrived we watched a movie, we ate pizza and later we started working on the project. I was sad as well as happy. I was missing my friend Jerry and my expression was too obvious for Frank to observe and get offended. Why did you call me Alex, if you are still not enjoying my company? What is wrong with you, you have to accept he is no more and life does not stop for anyone. Don’t be a kid, whoever sees you calls you widow, want to know why?  said Frank. Frank was also my friend since childhood but I never felt that connection of love and the bro-code I had with Jerry. I knew all these years he was jealous of us, but he was a friend too, so I never ditched him. I did not argue and hugged him and made him realize that he was my friend and it’s not his fault, and I was trying to cope up with the trauma.  He understood it and we spent the rest of the night doing the project. Later that morning we went to college together, we got an ‘’A+’’. I was happy.


Days passed by and the traumatizing memories of my best friend covered in blood were fading away. I was enjoying Franks Company. When my mom went to England. After one week past, my mom called and she told me that the meeting would take more time and I should not worry. I was happy not because my mom was not coming but because I was living once again. I went to parties, I was getting the best grades, and life was going too well for me. I forgot all the pains. I was happy to move ahead with no sword stabbed on my back. I was once again the Alex who was happy with his life. I still remember Jerry but the have almost made myself a falcon. Falcon who has seen much but still wants to fly up high.

He came back

I had the best day, I went to sleep and I woke up because I heard a scream. I knew that I was not normal because there was no one inside the house except me. I was frightened but I had to check. I went downstairs and there was no one. I looked around opened the door and saw a boy standing outside. I could not see him, because it was too dark. He had a very hulking voice. I asked him what he wanted and he only said one thing you. And I then saw him walking down the street. I don’t know what made me follow it, but I followed him down the street. I saw Jerry’s house. I was scared yet I was confused and wanted to know what that young boy wanted. I saw that boy entering the house. I followed him. The very second I entered the door got looked; I was not able to see the boy anymore. I did not want to scream or shout. The only feeling that I could remember was to know what happened. Why did the boy wanted me to be here? I heard screams, I was shivering, many things were on my head, and I was coughing, confused, and could not understand what was happening. The lights were on now, so I felt relaxed because I knew ghosts don’t scare you by turning on the lights. But then my theory of ghost and light changed. I saw a dreadful, repulsive, smelling thing in front of me. It was all flesh. I could not breathe and my voice was shivering I could not but only utter frank and the thing suddenly turned and started walking upstairs. I followed him and he led me to a room and pointed towards a bed. I saw nothing there and the next moment as I saw that thinking coming towards me I fainted. When I woke up I saw people surrounding me, I don’t know if I am accurate but there were almost ten people. They were as white as snow but not as pretty as snow white but more like zombies. They were staring at me and I was scared. I got up but they all were pointing me towards the bed. I tried to run but they did not let me. They kept on hitting me with things I was terrified and startled. I started screaming so loud and I kept on saying what do you want, why am I here. One of them whispered in my ears. His voice brought chills all over my body. He whispered look at that bed. I was scared and suddenly the bed was upside down and I saw ten pots lying under the bed. I opened each one and I could only see something softer and seemed like sand. I asked now what, its sand. I saw a letter there on which the following words were written: ”Whoever finds it after my death take them all and put them in vile. I am in pain. I am in hell. I did bad. Help me”

Was it Over?

I was startled because the writing was of Jerry. But he was dead. I saw him. But I gathered all my strength and opened the pot and put vile all the sand in a cloth and then went downstairs to see if there was vile. But then I had no other idea but to do what was written on the note. I saw a bucket full of filthy smelling fluid. I put the sand inside the bucket, I heard screams various creature, creature unidentifiable. As I turned I saw Jerry standing in front of me. He was all white but he was dark, ugly and scary. At that moment I wished I had not seen him like that.  I asked how he was, he said nothing and disappeared.


Days went by I was still shocked and stunned. I wanted to know how he was. It was painful for me now. I woke up as always sad and morbid. Looked at the mirror. My blue eyes, blonde hair, red cheeks, rough yet shiny skin wanted to live once again with the happy soul of Alex. I took a bath wore a blue shirt back jeans, and winked myself in a mirror. I wanted to be cool but it was obvious I wanted to fake it. My mother was happy because I did not come out of my room after what I saw Jerry that day.

The Letter

After two weeks, the day arrived it was my birthday. I was alone with my mom. I got up, dressed up. Mom told me to go outside and enjoy the fresh air. I knew she was planning something and I had to act in a way like I don’t know anything. I stepped out of the door and I saw a piece of paper, a filthy one on the ground I picked it and I ran toward the house and went straight to my room. I sat on the bed and the letter had the following words.

I Miss You

I opened the door and saw the paper and started reading ”I know you miss me and I miss you too. I committed a sin I wanted to have all the wealth and I tried necromancy I used to steal dead bodies and burn them and put them in pots and I trapped demons. I am a hateful soul now even to save me I had to wash up and set free my filthy soul with filthy vile. When you were out of station I tried to summon demons. But that demon killed me instead and trapped me. He tore me apart and trapped my soul. But you helped me by releasing all the souls that I had trapped in the pots. I am sorry. You saved me, my brother. I will always love you’’. I was happy to see that and it was obvious he again had t do something bad to write and to fulfill what he desire I still miss him. But deep inside I am calm, I know he is with me. Sin has costs, everyone who has committed sins has to pay the price. Sin needs sinners t sin steadily for it. I am happy yet the pain still puts me in great suffering. Yet I know ill survive.


Today I am standing near my best friend’s grave. I know my friend died because he choose a horrible way to fulfill his desire but I still love him. Rest in peace. But the only thing that scares me now is the demon who killed him, where is he now. I will miss him.

I hope you like it. We all have lost someone special in our life. This anime will give the best feel you might have never experienced. The fear of demon and the tragic death of Jerry both will make you feel the high tension going on. Keep a track of all the anime. Optimistic that you will like it.Thank you.