In the realm of gaming there have been numerous battles over which game is the best or which one is the worst. However, the biggest dispute that has been among all the gamers worldwide still remains the same, Console VS PC? Both of these formats of gaming have there own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here I will list what I believe are the pros and cons of each one of them.

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A video game console consists of a device that displays the visuals of a game on a TV screen and the game itself is controlled by a controller. PS4 and Xbox are the most popular and latest console devices available in the markets worldwide.


Gaming on PS4 and Xbox is relatively easy and user friendly as it has a controller which is particularly designed for gaming itself and the controls are made to make the life of gamers a little easier! Moreover console gaming is comparatively cheaper than PC as it only requires a one time investment and there isn’t any as such maintenance cost needed. The biggest advantage that console players have is that there are many games available that are only console oriented and are not available on PC, this one of the main reasons why PS4 and Xbox are popular among young gamers who seek for variety in games. Console devices further have wireless controllers that allow players to play in their comfort zone without any hassle. This format of gaming also allows multiplayer gaming if you have multiple controllers.


This is something every die hard gamer knows, console gaming is not real gaming! Now I’m not going to pick sides since then I’ll only be biased but all the gamers that I have come across so far believe that pro players only play on PC because that’s really the epitome of gaming. Console gaming has backward compatibility issues: you cannot play PS2 games on PS4. Moreover for all the cool gamers who like their gadgets customized, well console gaming comes the way it comes and you cannot customize it in your style.


PC gaming comes with a full set-up of a regular PC with a desktop, a keyboard, a mouse and a CPU.


The first and most important advantage of gaming on PC is that it’s initial set-up cost is pretty low compared to console devices. And of course here comes the fun part, you can customize your PC the way you want to with all the cool LED lights and themes which make your gaming set-up look terrific! PC gaming is more fun and your game servers automatically connect you with pro players online as 90% of the true gamers play on PC. Computers have an upgrading system so you don’t have to worry about changing your device just because it’s software is too old.


Even If a PC has a low initial cost, the constant maintenance that it requires can be a real pain. Using PC’s can be a really technical thing and a lot of people end up getting confused when it comes to PC gaming. PC gaming doesn’t offer you a very comfortable environment since you have to constantly sit on your chair near your set-up unlike console gaming where you can peacefully lie down on your bed and play for hours.

Let us know in the comments below what your final verdict is on Console VS PC. Hopefully this article answered your questions!