If you’re reading this then you most probably are a part of the PUBG family. We all are well aware of the hype that there is about that game. It has exacerbated to the point where international governments are having to ban the game. Some parents even claim that their kids have committed suicide because of the aggressiveness that this game has. Which is insane! On the other hand gamers, YouTube streamers and other various gaming websites have earned fortunes playing this game. Even various governments have been benefitting through the revenues generated by the game just as much. So the question still remains, why and how did PUBG get so popular?


How many games have you played so far with concept of teaming up and shooting at robots? How many games have you played that required building your own empire? Plenty right? Call of duty, Counterstrike and all such games shared the same theme one way or another. PUBG was introduced with a Battle Royale theme which won the markets and did wonders for the game developers.

BATTLE ROYALE: basically this game let’s you team up with your friends in either squads or duos which allows you to also talk to your friends throughout your match. And if your friends are not online, well you can always go solo. The match starts with 100 online players in a lobby and then you’re supposed to land in different locations and collect the best loot for your fight. Then you survive till the very end!


The one genius thing that PUBG developers did was to bring in the season concept. The game updates regularly with new maps and other small new things. However, the big update comes with a new battle pass every season. This brings in new characters, skins, emotes and other such in-app purchases. This I believe is a genius ideas to keep the players interested in the game and look forward to playing to earn points and accomplish their daily game goals. And it is simply extra money that the game is earning with each purchase.


How much of the internet is influenced by everyday content creators? Almost all of it. It’s like gaming industry has been printing money with all these gamers and streamers on board! So basically pro players from around the globe record their game plays, edit them with captivating stories and cool memes and background music. This gets them all the views one could need and put them on trending. Gamers have made thousands of videos on PUBG and have made it a hotshot in the gaming industry. It is only natural that most of their viewers are are from ages 10-28 and who better then kids and youngsters to target as audience.


Most importantly this game is widely available on all devices for free! Be it console devices or a PC or android featured mobile phones or IOS devices. This game can literally be played on any device which makes it more popular. Now here’s the best part, if you’re a mobile player then you’re most likely gonna get connected to other mobile players in your match. If you’re a PC player then naturally you’ll only most probably by default get connected to PC players which settles the difficulty level and helps with the ping of the game.

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