We love anime’s but some anime cross the red zone and we don’t like such red zoned animes. Animes have a set of astonishing characters but some astonish us by being the most horrible ver. Here is the list of worst animes you should never ever watch. I hope you like it.

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There’s such a thing as “too much violence”. Btooom proves it. It’s “shocking violence” just for the sake of it. The “rape” scene in the worst example on the top. The thought of the protagonist is the yuckiets if em all. Take away the violence and this anime is a pile of garbage that feels like a mix of SAO, Akame Ga Kill, and Deadman Wonderland piled into one series. There’s really nothing else to say about it.


I couldn’t even finish the first episode. I don’t know about others but my digestive system is weak and had to vomit after seeing such a disgusting thing in my life. It feels like another copy-paste of so many “supernatural” series that have come before it. Not all anime are good enough for you to give an “explanation” as to why it’s so bad. And conception is one of em.

Fate Extra: Last Encore

I can’t accept this is a FATE arrangement. It feels like since Fate Zero, the destiny arrangement has been “somewhat” going downhill. Destiny Apocrypha is the best one since Fate Stay Night. Destiny Extra then again felt like the authors didn’t have the foggiest idea where they needed to take it, or at what pace they needed to push the plot ahead. It was everywhere (and the hero doesn’t assist with being as unremarkable as it gets). Destiny Extra was so awful I nearly lost trust in the anime business. Furthermore, for FATE as an establishment also.

Gokukoku no Brynhildr

It’s fundamentally an average adaptation of Elfen Lied. You can see this from the principal scene, however it doesn’t snatch you or feel sufficiently intriguing to prop you up. It’s one of those anime you can tell from the earliest starting point how dreadful it’s going to be. Thus why I dropped it brisk in disillusionment.

 Darling In The Franxx

After as of late viewing Gurren Lagann myself, presently I see how terrible Darling In The Franxx truly is. Also, why individuals state it “replicated” Gurren Lagann and different shows. What irritates me about Darling In The Franxx is I had such a great amount of confidence in what this arrangement could have done. The promotion was “genuine”. The vast majority would concur. However, at that point Studio Trigger and A1 Pictures began smoking weed and getting high on who realizes what, since everything went to sh** and none of it seemed well and good any longer. I’ve never observed an arrangement turn out so gravely in my whole history of watching anime. Zero Two is most likely the main character worth any salt. Furthermore, perhaps Ichigo. Be that as it may, the story itself and absence of course is the thing that murdered its latent capacity.

Your Name (Kimi No Na Wa)

It looks lovely outwardly. The activity is stunning.I’m certain this is the thing that fooled most young people into giving it a rating of OVER 9/10 . Be that as it may, of course – your young years is the point at which your feelings are more earnestly to oversee. In any case – like a barbie doll, it’s a dead vacant shell. With no profundity by any means. It feels progressively like acting, causing it to appear to be constrained and overstated while communicating itself.No measure of “make-up” can shroud your defects, and I feel a similar path about Your Name.


Chobits appears to be a decent anime for how one of a kind it puts on a show of being. Furthermore, it was comparatively radical with regards to androids and robot young ladies. This is something we’re beginning to see the extent that innovation goes. Yet, the anime itself? It’s extremely simply unremarkable and there’s nothing GREAT that stands apart about it. Be that as it may, I’ll give it acknowledgment for being creative to a certain extent. The sentiment between the principle characters gets somewhat stale and simply needs more flare to keep it fascinating for me.